Designer, manufacturer and supplier of products and horizontal road solutions, digital and vertical such as paintings and markings, road signs, signage and furniture urban, trailers and rooftop equipment, sensors, bright and ITS products (intelligent traffic solutions).
Isosign Signalisation Verticale

Vertical signalling

The ISOSIGN® range

Below is the corresponding pages of the catalogue to the vertical signage : police signs, directional, plastic, temporary, brackets and fasteners....

Police signs

Magellan range, range Bougainville, light range, safety equipment : Signs of danger, intersection, priority, ban, parking, obligation, indication, specific // River signs // Markup and warning lights // Panels strengthened by LEDS // Studs and floor separators // Mirrors of agglomeration, Hydro, multi-purpose and industry // Road humps, past cables and parking stops // Teaching radar ...

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Directional signage

Champlain range, Lapérouse & Vasco de Gamma range, Tasman range : Direction signs, directional signals, warnings, location, ideograms // Gantries, gallows, high masts ...

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Brackets & fixings

Steel brackets, materials aluminium and temporary supports : brackets galvanized steel and associated fixings (support, sheath...) // aluminum brackets // Anchor system // Mast aluminum to enhance, monoloithyques // Necklaces // Accessories // Gallows // Hoops // Boom // Mobile media // Bipieds, pedestals, LESTAGE, plastobloc ...

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Plastic signs

Range of permanent and temporary range : Tags, delineators, reflectors, tags of obstacles, autorelevables, pedestals, top toll tags, isoflex, signoflex, staking // cones bigfoot, site // Solar light cones // mini-guides // Lane separators // Road humps // Plastic barriers ...

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Temporary signs

Marco Polo range, signals, various equipment and communication site : signs of temporary hazards (AK) // Markup and warning lights // Regulatory signs // Indication signaling // Signs // Dams // Signalling of position of deviation or narrowing of path // Directional light bar // Change of floor // Reduction and lane // Direction signs // Confirmation and end of deviation // Vertical and mobile media // Lights and building lights // Security //Equipements and signs of vehicle plates // Communication site // Manual variable message sign ....

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