Horizontal signaling

The ISOMARK® range

With our business expertise and aware of the needs of our customers, we created ISOMARK®, our range of road marking products. ISOMARK® was born out of our desire to be the industrial partner of road signage professionals. Our professionalism and know-how are at your disposal to provide all our customers with the right advice and exemplary service..

A skill site dedicated

A site for the production of road paints, audited by ASCQUER.

Both manufacturing and packaging lines, including a fully automated line. A state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated to research and development. By creating ISOMARK®, we decided to put our concerns at the heart of our concerns :

The safety of applicators
Respect for the environment

Floor marking

The ISOMARK® range

Retroreflective paintings, No retroreflective, temporary // Cold coatings, Thermoplastics, thinners and masking paper // Prefabricated bands // Floor pads, border // Bands jetties // Stencils // Mineral coating // Synthetic stones // Sprays and marking carts