General Conditions of Purchase and Payment


Any order regularly placed at a <PROVIDER> has the value of a contract and its acceptance entails, for the <PROVIDER>, the obligation to comply with these terms and conditions, supplemented, where appropriate, by the « Purchase orders », them « Specifications », them « Technical specifications », them « Calls for tenders » and « Other documents », hereinafter referred to as "Special Conditions".

Any order accompanied by an acknowledgment of receipt is considered firm and final only after return of the latter by the <PROVIDER>, with acceptance of the conditions of purchase of ISOSIGN acknowledgment of receipt returned implies automatically acceptance of the conditions of purchase of ISOSIGN and waiver by the <PROVIDER> to its own conditions of sale, to the extent that they are incompatible with the present conditions.

On no account, ISOSIGN's orders may not be subject to the provisions of the law of the 12 may 1980 relating to the retention of title clause, and by express agreement this purchase is made in accordance with article 1583 of the Civil Code. Electronic exchanges have probative value between the parties.

Under penalty of termination, without conditions or compensation of the order, the <PROVIDER> must comply with the legislation in force and must only provide products or services that meet all the conditions imposed by the legislation of the country in which they / they are manufactured or made and then delivered.



Notwithstanding the INCOTERM applicable to this order, The transfer of risk will take place after full payment of the price of the order. Any pre-acceptance operations carried out at the <PROVIDER> do not imply assumption of risks by ISOSIGN. Ownership is transferred when the sales agreement is concluded between the <PROVIDER> and ISOSIGN.

Goods or services ordered from the <PROVIDER>, on behalf of and at the expense of ISOSIGN, in whole or in part, as well as the goods and tools made available by ISOSIGN must only be used for the realization of ISOSIGN's orders. Goods and services specific to the realization of articles exclusively intended for ISOSIGN must only be used for it. The guard, the maintenance of these goods and services, will be provided by the <PROVIDER> at its own expense, Risks and perils. The <PROVIDER> undertakes to take out all necessary assurances to this effect and to provide justification. These goods or services, entrusted or ordered (including : mussels, Dice, plans, Models, Software source codes, Documentation…) remain the exclusive property of ISOSIGN. The <PROVIDER> undertakes to return them in good condition at the first request of ISOSIGN and not to keep any reproduction without the agreement of ISOSIGN.

When he is not the author, the <PROVIDER> declares to be personally responsible for the acquisition and any claim relating to any prior artistic or industrial property right or property belonging to third parties., co-authors or collaborators, in the event that such acquisition is necessary for the items subject to this order.

Unless otherwise agreed, ISOSIGN is the holder, both with regard to industrial property and possible copyrights, any rights to the items subject to the order.

Unless otherwise agreed on <PROVIDER> sells to ISOSIGN, who accepts, on an exclusive basis, any right of reproduction, representation, adaptation, Translation attached to the creations made on the occasion of the order, and of which he is the author, for the whole world, for the duration of the copyright and for an unlimited number, for any medium and for any use, including advertising and promotional.



Infringement of the rights stipulated in the article 2 constitutes major economic and non-pecuniary damage for the ISOSIGN group as well as a real risk for consumers. The<PROVIDER> refrains from any manoeuvre or reluctance likely to affect these rights without obtaining the agreement of ISOSIGN and will inform it of any element likely to infringe them, and will assist him in his struggle.


Orders cannot be executed in whole or in part, by a designated subcontractor without limiting approval, prior and written by ISOSIGN.

The <PROVIDER> expressly acknowledges fulfilling the social and tax obligations relating to its status and, In particular, comply with the provisions of Law No.°97-210 of the 11 March 1997 on stepping up the fight against undeclared work.

The <PROVIDER> is committed to producing, at the conclusion of this contract, the documents provided for in Article D 8222-5 of the Labour Code to prove compliance by the<PROVIDER> of the above-mentioned provisions, this contractual clause being substantial. The provision of these documents constitutes a resolutory condition of this. Besides, for any contract of more than six years (6) month, these documents must be sent again to ISOSIGN, every six months, until the expiry of the contract.

The <PROVIDER> must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and respect the principles of the ILO's fundamental Conventions, namely C29 and C105 on the abolition of forced labour, C138 and C182 on the elimination of child labour, C100 and C111 on equality and C87 and C98 on freedom of association. In particular, the <PROVIDER> certifies and certifies that no product purchased by ISOSIGN and manufactured by the <PROVIDER> himself or by one of his own <PROVIDER>s, has not been manufactured, assembled or packaged using forced labour, prison (except as part of a rehabilitation programme during the sentence), dangerous, concealed and/or child labour 16 years. Knowing that this age limit is stricter than that imposed by ILO Convention C138.

It will only have to supply products that meet all the conditions imposed by the laws and regulations of the country in which they are manufactured..

The <PROVIDER> acknowledges that in the event of a breach of this clause, ISOSIGN will be able to, among other remedies, immediately terminate this Agreement and cease all business relations with the <PROVIDER> without any future liability on the part of ISOSIGN towards the <PROVIDER>.



Unless expressly agreed by ISOSIGN the prices indicated, are stipulated in a specific currency, without possible indexation to another currency, and considered firm and non-reviewable. Unless otherwise stated, prices are carriage paid, Delivered to home packaging included for goods and services delivered in accordance with Article 8.



Payments will be made by ISOSIGN to 45 Days counted from the end of the month of issue of the invoice.



All invoices will be drawn up in triplicate and must be sent to ISOSIGN's accounting department.. These invoices must mention :

• Delivery note numbers,

• Customs Codes

• The detailed description of the supply(s),

• All other particulars required by law.



All deliveries must be made, free of charge to ISOSIGN or at any other place designated by ISOSIGN They will be accompanied by a delivery note mentioning at least the order number and the details of the delivery per item with references and quantities, and any other information requested under special conditions.

The packaging of the goods is under the responsibility of the <PROVIDER> and must allow without damage, Transportation, handling and storage. It must also be adapted to any constraints of use of ISOSIGN, Conditions specified, if applicable, under special conditions.

The <PROVIDER> is responsible for verifying and certifying the conformity of the supply with the conditions of the order. The intervention of the ISOSIGN Quality Department does not release the<PROVIDER> of this obligation of conformity.

ISOSIGN reserves the right to refuse any supply even after delivery or receipt, which does not prove not to be in conformity with the order notwithstanding the damages to which ISOSIGN could claim due to the non-conformity. Furthermore, any defective workmanship recognized at the time of use of goods, will be replaced free of charge by the<PROVIDER> of the disputed goods. Any goods refused, because not in accordance with that ordered or resulting from a defect, is made available to the <PROVIDER>, The return will be made postage due to the costs of the latter including packaging costs, at the address of the <PROVIDER> and at its own risk. Any refused supply must give rise to a credit note and will be considered undelivered..

Besides, ISOSIGN reserves the right to claim from the <PROVIDER> immediate on-site intervention, in the event that a supply delivered would not give satisfaction.

A partial delivery can in no way be considered as a beginning of execution of the order. ISOSIGN reserves the right to claim damages, to place an order with a third party at the expense and risk of the <PROVIDER> Failing, the latter must bear all additional disbursements resulting from the partial or total non-execution of the order.



Deadlines are mandatory and constitute a substantial element of the contract. The deadlines charged on the orders are for items returned to destination (delivery address mentioned on the order) or provision of services performed. They may not be shortened or postponed without the express prior agreement of the parties..

Any order is made under the resolutory condition, designed for the benefit of ISOSIGN, delivery within the contractual deadlines. As a result, ISOSIGN may at its convenience by registered letter A / R inform its co-contractor either the automatic termination of the contract with if necessary compensation for the damage suffered by it, or require the performance of the contract subject to a penalty of at least 0.5% the amount excluding VAT of the order per day of delay, This rate may be increased, notwithstanding any liability claim to which ISOSIGN may be entitled.

In case the <PROVIDER> would prove unable to meet the technical requirements of the order as specified in article 1 above, ISOSIGN reserves the right to request reimbursement of sums it has already paid to the <PROVIDER> and the costs it would have to incur to compensate for the failure of the failure. ISOSIGN also reserves the right to claim damages in this case..



The <PROVIDER> undertakes not to exhibit supplies manufactured according to the drawings, models or technical specifications of ISOSIGN only with the written permission of ISOSIGN. Under no circumstances and in no form, Orders may not give rise to direct or indirect advertising, without written permission from ISOSIGN.

The above provisions are also binding on the <PROVIDER>, even if he had only been solicited for a study or a quote.



The <PROVIDER> is bound to observe professional secrecy and must in particular take all measures to ensure that the specifications, Formulas, drawings, plans, Methods, documents or any other element, relating to orders or projects, are not brought to the attention of a third party (voluntarily or involuntarily) by himself, its own attendants, subcontractors and<PROVIDER>.



If necessary, ISOSIGN reserves the right to assign to a third party all or part of its orders, and related rights and obligations.



By express agreement, in the event of any dispute or litigation, the Courts of the jurisdiction of the city where ISOSIGN is located shall have sole jurisdiction and the law of the country where ISOSIGN is located shall have sole jurisdiction and the law of the country where ISOSIGN is located shall have exclusive jurisdiction and the law of the country where ISOSIGN is located shall have sole jurisdiction and the law of the country where ISOSIGN is located shall have sole jurisdiction and the law of the country where ISO.

Updates, the 07 October 2022