With the acquisition of STI, ISOSIGN strengthens its position to major player in the road equipment.

Published the 24 September 2018 in Development

Monday 17 September 2018, ISOSIGN concluded the purchase of the company STI (The innovative technology company) specialized in signage of markup (plastic) with products certified NF and partner of ISOSIGN since its inception in 2007.
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This acquisition allows to STI to continue its development and ISOSIGN, to strengthen its position as a major player of the road facilities.
STI will remain an entity in its own right retaining its brand and its commercial and financial independence.
His new Manager, Aly ADHAM, ensures that STI will continue to maintain its commitment and service it provides to all its customers. Given that these values are dear to the ISOSIGN company which won the confidence of applicants for road equipment over the years : public works company, Resellers construction, rental companies, local communities, departmental and regional directions, Road Engineering, highways and private companies...
This event is an opportunity for STI to enhance its offering and, already, think about innovative products that will be fully the expectations of the market.