An innovative barrier for the bypass of Marseille.

Published the 8 December 2016 in Innovation

Stéphane Bouillon, the prefect of the Provence region of France, has symbolically opened the gate ISOSIGN Tuesday 29 November 2016 at 6: 00, which allows the L2 bypass to host its first drivers. "It is a great pride for all the work done since 50 years. Right now, This is just the beginning as we have to exploit it", He said.
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Marseille is one of the cities the most congested in Europe and the most congested of France with a km of traffic jam at the year number greater than the city of Paris.
The ring road of Marseille, called L2, is a major road construction project, launched by the Government, consisting of a device which allows all vehicles in transit around Marseilles.
This new route effectively remedy the congestion problems and improving journey times for the pleasure of the Marseillais road users.

Within this major project, Isosign was chosen to make the gates of closing at the level of the ramps to neutralize the bypass necessary.
On the L2 bypass, all access routes are different ! The 'tailor-made' is so rigorous that each gate adapts perfectly to its environment.

It's the innovative character of this barrier that has captivated the owners and operators.
Indeed, This patented barrier adapts to configurations with a minimum of components. Installation and maintenance are easier. All the accessories fixing or fence extensions are added in 'plug and play '. (i.e., easily in a few minutes). In case of damage, emergency barriers can be put at length just before installation, making possible a quick intervention of the DIR (Inter Regional Directorate) who is in charge of the operation of the network.

The performance of this barrier in Marseille suggested that this barrier is doomed to a promising future for occasional of all types of ways or places or manual closure : car parks, ring roads, protected areas.

For more information about this new product, do not hesitate to ask the data sheet from Isosign.