Young students motivated for a summer job at ISOSIGN!

Published the 24 July 2020 in Development

As every year, to support youth employment, ISOSIGN welcomes students who take advantage of the summer holidays to work.
Credit Photos : David GEORGET - Infinite

They are 4 this month of July and will be 6 August, joined by 2 Minor : Carla-Marie and Antoine.
Faustina, Marion, Samuel and Yohan decided to work this summer to put money aside and build professional experience in the manufacture of road equipment at ISOSIGN.

Faustine and Marion intervene in decor application, scheduling and logistics.
Samuel and Yohan intervene in the painting division.

The entire ISOSIGN team thanks them and wishes them every success in their projects!

In the photos:
- Faustine BALLOT, 21 years, 4th year of labour law,
- Marion MERMET-LYAUDOZ, 21 years, prepares civic service for the start of the school year,
- Samuel TOUZELET, 19 years, aims to enter the preparatory class at the major schools,
- Yohan BERTHIER, 20 years, makes its first steps into the working life.