Congratulations to the ISOSIGN project team seconded to ABIDJAN

Published the 30 March 2017 in Development

In addition to the seriousness of the actors on the spot, that's teamwork, value dear to ISOSIGN that predominates !
Credit photos : Isosign®

ISOSIGN was chosen for a vast project of road facilities in Abidjan, which the project owner is the Ministry of infrastructure economic - CRUMB and the master of work delegate : AGEROUTE.

ISOSIGN thank the team on-site :
‐ Project Director ROBIN Frederick, assisted by Loïc ADHAM and,
Mohamed EDDEBBI – for the control and management of construction sites

It is also an opportunity to present the scope of this project by the numbers.
‐ 10 common crossings
(them 10 municipalities in the district of Abidjan)
‐ Construction time : 18 month
‐ 1300 Police signs, certified it and NF
‐ 850 directional signs, certified it and NF
‐ 55 gantries, gallows and haut‐mats, certified NF
‐ 4000 crosswalks m2 resin cold, certified NF
‐ 57 km of roads with markings on the ground, certified NF
‐ 1 metal guardrail of type GS certified NF km