“ISOSIGN – Jobs for all” by La Gazette Burgundy -11 November 2020

Published the 12 November 2020 in Development

Gender parity, Students, people with disabilities... professional integration takes many forms in the company. ( Isosign)

Road equipment specialist, Isosign opens its business to recruits from all walks of life. This commitment to professional integration has earned it the support of local partners.

A few kilometres from the Creusot, Isosign has made its place in the road market by providing communities and public works actors. In addition to signage, ground marking, restraints such as safety slides or intelligent traffic solutions visible on the motorway, Isosign offers signage and street furniture. Created in 2007, The company counts 98 employees and 14 detached operators in Esat, institutions and services for help through work. "We have a strong partnership with esat du Vernois in Blanzy. We installed a machine in the establishment to saw and pierce the metal profiles" explains Nicolas Reynaud, managing director. In another establishment, people with disabilities apply decorations to plastic for signage. A job likely to evolve as was the case for an employee of an Esat who joined the permanent workforce of the factory.

Make way for young people

Leon Blum du Creusot and Claudie Haigneré de Blanzy High Schools are also familiar with the company's commitment to welcoming young people on internships. "Our role is to pass on knowledge to trades such as industrial boilermaking or maintenance. With the crisis, we're going to welcome more interns than usual, because some companies have given it up. A dozen young people will have made their arms by the end of the year 2020. Others will walk through the company's doors next summer for a summer job. "You even take minors because it's not easy to find a job when you have 16 Yes 17 years. For the employer, it involves other constraints, but we remember that we were young" smiles Nicolas Reynaud. On the register of parity, the Director General is pleased to have as many women as men in the ranks of his team leaders and master's officers. To complete this range of actions in favour of integration, Isosign works with Agire, at The Creusot, which accompanies the return to employment of far-off audiences. Although he learned that some profiles had been in prison, the Director General pays little attention to the candidates' past. "We're not asking for anything, so we've added three employees to CDI who needed a boost at one point. »

Contribute to the attractiveness of the territory

Isosign also trusted an engineering school student to design an innovative machine. "We wanted a less polluting and time-consuming system to fix our signage on the rail of the support. We designed a cold weld and made a machine specifically for our use.". The total investment is valued at 360 000 Euros. This philosophy aims to give everyone a chance, but also to engage in the territory. In this sense, Isosign also plays solidarity with other companies. "We work with local subcontractors and provide local support to support our territory while limiting our environmental footprint.. »

For Aletheia Press, Nadège Hubert