Joint ISOSIGN of the Roadhouse of the Morans to St. Eusebius (71)

Published the 21 December 2018 in Event

From left to right : Thierry ESPADA (ISOSIGN), François THEVENOUS, Marco and "Grandma"(The Morans relay), Alain bundle (Town Hall of ST Eusebius), Fabien COULONVAL, Dominique COLLOT and Benjamin Bailey (ISOSIGN)
Photo credit : Thérèse VERDREAU of the JSL

ISOSIGN, client fervent of the Roadhouse of the Morans to Saint-Eusèbe, Saône and Loire (Frank-counted-Burgundy), thank warmly François THEVENOUX and relatives for all meals served, This always in a good mood and in generosity!
François goes hand to a successor who hopefully will do everything as well as he and will add to the map of great vegetarian salads ;-)!

ISOSIGN team wishes to François and his relatives all the happiness they deserve.

Special mention for the cooks and service: congratulations and good luck !!