SER hosts two departments and the ASCQUER in the premises of the manufacturer of road signs ISOSIGN

Published the 25 January 2016 in Event

On the advice of a representative of Isosign, Sara ANGOTTI of the Ministry of the Interior in the foreground, participates in the production of a Panel.
In the background, Michel LABROUSSE (DGITM), Fabien COULONVAL (ISOSIGN) and Gérard DECHAUMET (ASCQUER) observe.
Credit photos : ISOSIGN®

The day of the 18 January 2016 was rich of exchanges and discoveries for the State, the ASCQUER and the SER, United in a common goal : enhance the security of the roads in France !

The SER, Union of the road facilities, had invited the manufacturer of ISOSIGN :
- Sara ANGOTTI of the Ministry of the Interior in charge of road signs
- Michel LABROUSSE, Robert HANESSE and Thierry PICARD of the Department of ecology, sustainable development and energy (MEDDE / DGITM)
- Gérard DECHAUMET of the ASCQUER in charge of the monitoring and certification of the products installed in France
- As well as members of the SER

The day started with a tour of the factory ISOSIGN, manufacturer of signage road to Saint-Eusèbe, Saône and Loire (71).
Those gathered were able to discover all the rules required manufacturers to ensure effectiveness and sustainability panels installed on French roads and road signs manufacturing.
Subsequently, a meeting was to consider ways to improve the safety of roads while taking into account the constraints facing the masters of works, in particular the reduction in the budgets allocated by the State.

He was notably new signs of the Code of the road and the preservation of the quality of the signs in France.

For this reason, the SER was able to recall the importance of avoiding some slippage on the use of certified or non compliant panels.
Vigilance and awareness of stakeholders is required so that the road users do not become, One day, the victims of these derivatives.