Isosign signs become objects of art on the Interoute lounge

Published the 17 June 2016 in Event

The artist Clet Abraham, surrounded by panels Isosign, explains how the regulated products become objects of art. Credit photos : Isosign

At the Interoute, which took place from 14 to the 16 June 2016 in Paris, Isosign signs diverted by the famous artist Clet Abraham.
Usually supervised by a strict regulation, the panels were transformed into real comical and playful objects for the enjoyment of visitors to the show !
An initiative of the SER (Unions of the road facilities), which is a member Isosign, who had organized a demonstration of the work of the artist came especially from Italy for the occasion.
The SER, likely brimming with imagination, did not stop there ! Visitors could also return the code of the road and walk away with a street sign with their name as a gift.

Bravo to the artist, Bravo the SER !