Second appointment of Aly ADHAM, President of ISOSIGN to the Presidency of the SER at its General Assembly

Published the 31 May 2018 in Event

Paris, the 30 may 2018 -The members of the Union of the road facilities (SER) at their General Assembly elected their President, Aly Adham, for a second term.

Following on the previous year to Jean-Bernard Conrad, He explained his willingness to intensify the actions and efforts during his first term. First objective : to promote among all stakeholders of the road (Members, Government and communities, OEMs and manufacturers, associations and users, etc) the central role of the road as part of road safety equipment. Already at the heart of its roadmap, he intends to continue the work and more partnerships in order to position the sector at the heart of the construction, already underway, the road and the mobility of the future.