After containment, all at Bike

Published the 24 May 2020 in Novelty

And yes, several cities in France will prefer travel by bike rather than by car or public transport after confinement.

There are several reasons related to this as we will see in this article.
To ensure the safety of all cyclists coming out of lockdown, cities will have to take action on the creation of cycle and pedestrian paths.

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But first of all, you are probably wondering why to give priority to transport by bike ?

Why favor the Bike out of confinement ?

Air pollution and in particular gases released by means of transport such as the car would have the effect of aggravating the effects related to the coronavirus (covid-19).
This is why in large cities would prefer the installation of temporary bike paths. Some major cities like New York, Berlin and Bogotá have already installed these temporary cycle paths.

A second element to take into account is the contagiousness of the virus. By taking your bike, you respect a social distancing that reduces the risk of contamination compared to public transport.
Public transport should therefore be avoided to avoid an influx of people in a tram, metro or bus.

The use of the car would be a very bad choice since it would allow :
worsen air pollution that increases coronavirus-related effects
Saturated traffic in cities

For cities, the challenge will be to be able to create temporary bike paths using modular lane dividers to develop urban space.
In the Paris region, since the strikes the number of cyclists has reportedly doubled from 400 000 to 800 000 cyclists per day forcing the city of Paris to equip itself with lane separators.

How to secure the increase in the number of Cyclists in cities ?

In the cities the number of cyclists will surely increase, it is therefore important to ensure their safety through new cycle paths and temporary pedestrian paths.
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